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Have you been in a motor accident? Motorserve can help.

Motorserve is a fully owned subsidiary of Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG) and has been helping Australians since 2007 with car servicing and mechanical repairs. Since 2019, Motorserve have been providing post-accident damage inspection services and where required, managing the customer’s repair experience.

Motorserve inspection centres aim to take the hassle out of having your car repaired. At these centres, we conduct the damage inspection, allocate repairs to Insurer’s Partner repairers, communicate the repair process to you, and conduct post-repair visual inspections. The focus is on customer convenience and getting cars back on the road quickly, with a quality repair.

If you have recently made a vehicle insurance claim and been allocated to Motorserve, you can bring your vehicle in for an Insurance inspection, and we will take care of the rest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking repairs

Yes, you will need to make a booking. If you haven't lodged a claim, please do so with your insurer first. Once you have done that, you may have several options:

  1. You can book an inspection as part of the claim lodgement process.
  2. Alternatively, you can book the inspection online using the link provided by your insurer.
  3. If these options are not suitable, you can make a booking directly with Motorserve or by contacting your insurer.

Rollin’ customers can make a booking directly with Motorserve or by contacting their insurer directly.

Motorserve proudly service the following IAG brands:

  • NRMA
  • RACV
  • CGU
  • WFI
  • Coles
  • ROLLiN

Inspections are scheduled for approximately 30 minutes. If the damage is minor, it may take even less time.

Please notify Motorserve as soon as possible so that we can make alternative arrangements for you.

What to expect for your repair

Your repairs will be managed by your insurer’s preferred partner repair network. These Partner Repairers have a proven track record and must comply with strict quality standards. Authorised repairs come with a lifetime guarantee for workmanship.

You can consult your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for any conditions associated with the lifetime guarantee. Motorserve might be able to do small repairs on site, only in selected stores.

Often, the vehicle can be left on-site for repairs to commence on the same day as the inspection. Repairs are completed on selected Motorserve sites or may be outsourced to a specific network of trusted repairers. That's why we ask you to remove your personal items from the vehicle before the inspection. In some cases, repairs may be scheduled for a future date. If this is the case, it will be explained during the initial inspection.

The Insurer's Partner Repairers are generally located near the Motorserve site. We have valet staff who can transfer the vehicles to the repair facilities. In some cases, depending on the location, the vehicles may be transported by a tow truck.

Alternative transport

Your insurer will inform us of your taxi entitlements and the applicable limits. We can arrange a taxi for you when you leave your vehicle for repairs and for your return to collect the vehicle. If you don't have a taxi entitlement, we can assist in booking a taxi at your cost or provide information on local public transport options.

Your insurer will inform us of your hire car entitlements. We can arrange the hire car on your behalf, and you can collect it at Motorserve when dropping off your vehicle. Please discuss this with us before your inspection.

Please note that hire cars are provided by the insurer's contracted hire car providers and therefore needs to be requested prior to the inspection.

Motorserve can arrange a hire car for you at your own cost. This is offered to customers at the insurer’s discounted pricing structure. Talk to us about this prior to your inspection.

During the repair

Motorserve provides regular updates on the progress of your vehicle's repairs. You can contact us for updates, and we will keep you informed throughout the repair process.

Your insurer will let you know how much your excess is and how it can be paid. If your insurer has a Pay Excess Online tool, then you can use that to pay your excess.

However if you haven't already paid the excess directly to the insurer, Motorserve can assist in processing your excess payment when you pick up your vehicle. Please bring a valid credit or debit card to make the payment. Please note that we do not accept excess payments in cash or via Eftpos.

In some cases, unforeseen circumstances or delays in parts availability may cause the repair process to take longer than initially estimated. If this occurs, Motorserve will keep you informed about the delay and provide updates on the revised timeline for completion.

Motorserve's new model does not have assessors on site, but we have streamlined our process for addressing repair complaints. Customers can contact the Motorserve site where repairs were managed, and our Consultants will email the assessing triage team with details. If a customer wishes to speak to an assessor, one will promptly reach out to you to discuss and resolve the issue.

The Motorserve Safety Review is an inspection to ensure the vehicle is safe and compliant with all relevant standards after repairing a damaged vehicle. This process has been developed to give you confidence in the safety of your vehicle using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and highest-quality processes.

After the vehicle has been repaired

If you have any issues with the repairs, please contact Motorserve in the first instance. We will liaise with the insurer's Motor assessor to facilitate rework and address any repair quality issues.

Motorserve is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the repair quality or the repairer's workmanship, please contact us immediately. We will work with the insurer's motor assessor to address any issues and facilitate any necessary rework.

^Terms and conditions apply and available here.

°Full warranty information available here

Motorserve Pty Ltd ABN 41 121 715 393, NSW license number MVRL43713, ACT license number 20000142 is an entity within the IAG group.

Motorserve holds a valid RTA number. License number: AU23814