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Motorserve and BG Products Australia

Motorserve and BG Products Australia have partnered to help get your car road trip ready and are giving away BG44K Fuel System Cleaners with every Get You Car Road Trip Ready car service at Motorserve between 15 October 2020 to 31 January 2021. Simply quote promo code EXTRA140 when you make a car service booking.

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What is a BG44K Fuel Systems Cleaner?

BG 44K Platinum Fuel System Cleaner is a professional grade industry benchmark service product. It will clean the entire fuel system and is specially designed for newest technology GDI petrol engines. It cleans deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves and restores flow in fuel injectors. Basically, it cleans the entire fuel system!

BG Performance Service

New and sophisticated engine technology is prone to early deposit formation. Australian specific conditions; which include hot weather, low fuel quality, dusty and salty air, further contributes to performance loss.

According to vehicle manufacturers, city start-stop style driving and short distances are severe driving conditions. These elements contribute to engine deposit formation. That is why your vehicles handbook highlights additional need for maintenance.

This professional service is designed to clean your engine and restore performance. Even during prolonged service intervals, the BG Performance Service protects against performance loss. It saves you money and it saves the environment by reducing your vehicle’s carbon emissions.

• Better Performance

• More Fuel Economy

• Less Fuel Emissions

• Less Fuel & Oil Related Trouble’s

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Logbook service

Motorserve is an authorised logbook service provider. We conduct logbook services to to manufacturers specifications so your vehicle warranty is maintained.
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Essential service

Routine for us, convenient for you. Recommended for cars every 6 months.
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Essential service plus

Recommended every 6 months for Prestige, SUV, FWD and European vehicles.

^Terms and conditions apply and available here.

°Full warranty information available here
**Car wash and vacuum is not available at our Wollongong service store.

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